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 12/28/2015 - Happy New Year
  9/16/2015 - Next general meeting scheduled for 9/18 at 2pm with Senator Kelly Ayotte
  6/11/2015 - Notice of next general meeting scheduled for 6/22 at 6pm
  6/01/2015 - Senator Ayotte Questions NOAA Administrator on federal cod catch limits
  5/11/2015 - Provide NOAA your feedback on fishing regulations

Mission Statement

The Gulf of Maine Charter and Recreational Fishing Association (aka GOMCRFA) is a non-profit organization created to provide a forum for members in the for-hire sport fishing industry along with recreational fishermen to provide a unified voice to preserve and protect the rights, traditions and future of saltwater fishing; to provide education to members concerning fishery regulations, fishing techniques, better business practices and vessel compliance and safety requirements; to promote sport fishing and collaboration among members; to promote marine conservation, advancement of science, education and sustainable fishery management practices.

The principal office of the GOMCRFA is located in Seabrook, NH.

Long Term Objectives

The long term objective of the GOMCRFA is to seek the best possible marine fishery conservation and management program based on an adequate scientific understanding of the fishery resources off the coasts of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. This includes an improved understanding of the marine ecosystem of the Northeastern U.S. and possible natural changes to this ecosystem and the reaction and interaction of individual species within this changing environment. Marine fishery scientists and fishermen have long been urging NOAA to seek changes to fishery laws to allow recognition and management responses appropriate to identified changes in the ecosystem.

GOMCRFA also has the objective of preserving the historically valuable contribution of economic and social benefits flowing from vibrant recreational fisheries conducted by private anglers and party boat and charter boat operators along the Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts seacoasts. The party and charter boat fisheries, in particular, offer critical access points for the general public and tourists to experience marine fishing activities primarily for Northeast ground fish species such as Atlantic Cod, haddock, Pollock and other species such as Atlantic blue fin tuna, striped bass, bluefish and mackerel. Further, party and charter vessels provide an opportunity for individuals to experience a journey on the open seas to view marine life including marine mammals, sea birds and other fascinating specimens of the open ocean.

The marine recreational fishery trips provided by the party and charter fleet generates millions of dollars of economic activity that not only benefits coastal communities but also the state and region. Recreational fishery provides a significant boost and enhancement to tourism and this results in direct expenditures in restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, bait and tackle shops, fueling stations and many more benefitting businesses. The States benefit from significant tax revenues flowing from this high volume of economic activity.

An important sub-objective of the GOMCRFA is to provide a means of communication and distribution of fishery relevant information among individuals and companies involved in the fishery primarily through electronic communications and occasional newsletters.


Membership in the GOMCRFA shall be open to Charter Boat Operators; Local Businesses; Boat Captain/Crew Members; and Recreational Fishermen / General Public. Annual membership fees will initially be set as follows: (Association Membership Application - Click Here to Join - Credit Card Payments Now Accepted)

Charter Boat Operators, Local Businesses and Boat Captain/Crew Members shall all be considered voting members of the association. Supporting Recreational Fishermen and members of the general public will be non-voting members of the association.

If you are already a member of the association and wish to make an additional contribution or if you do not want to join the association but still want to support our mission you can use the PayPal button below to donate using a credit card.

In order to begin achieving the above objectives as quickly as possible, a temporary Board of Directors consisting of Les Eastman, Philip Eastman, Mark Godfroy, Rick LaPierre, Rocky Gauron and Chris Muns will be established. The temporary board will chose a chairperson from among one of its members.

The primary purpose of the temporary Board of Directors will be to establish the association and its bylaws and develop and implement a strategy to recruit additional members so that a meeting of the full membership can be convened by no later than June 30, 2015. At that meeting, members will be asked to approve the associationís bylaws and elect a permanent Board of Directors.

The temporary Board of Directors will also initiate and oversee activities to build grassroots support for the charter boat industry and recreational fishermen in the states of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusettse and raise awareness among the appropriate entities of the unique regulatory challenges that charter boat operators and recreational fishermen face today. These entities include but are not limited to:

After June 30, 2015 the Board of Directors shall be elected by the voting membership of the association and will consist of one (1) representative of each Charter Boat Operator who is a member of the association; two (2) Captain/Crew members; one (1) local business member; and one (1) Recreational Fishermen member. The Board of Directors will choose a chairperson from among one of their members. The Board of Directors will set annual membership rates as well as identify other funding sources for the association. It will also have responsibility for hiring any staff that the association wishes to hire and/or reviewing and approving any contracts that the association chooses to enter into and expenses that it may incur.